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Perfect Poached Eggs, Soft & Hard Boiled

I don’t know why this confounded me for so many years! I would drop an egg in boiling water and it would turn into egg drop soup! And I’d always overcook it! This is the easiest trick. (And these are perfect with my Clean Hollandaise Sauce!!!)

POACHED EGGS- 1. Use a small pot as a poaching pot. 2. Bring half a pot of cold water to a low simmer (almost boiling). 3. BEFORE you crack an egg into water, create a WHIRLPOOL in the simmering water using a slotted metal spoon and stirring the water in a circle a few times vigorously. 4. If you can, crack an egg into a small bowl, mug, or ramekin PRIOR to creating the whirlpool and then just slide the egg into the whirlpool of boiling water. Or you can just crack the egg(s) into the whirlpool of simmering  water. (You may get some more “stray whites” if you crack it directly into the water, but no biggie.) The whirlpool effect keeps the whites with the yolks, allowing the egg to just naturally “hug” itself and stay together better. 5. Remove the poached egg with a slotted spoon after NO MORE than 3-4 minutes cooking, just until the whites are set. After that you’re looking at something more like a soft boiled egg yolk.

General Rules: POACHED: Maximum of 3-4 minutes. SOFTBOILED: 6- 6 1/2 minutes. HARDBOILED: 9 minutes (after that the yolk gets a greenish tint.) ALWAYS immerse your soft & hardboiled eggs in an ice water bath after boiling so they stop cooking and so that they peel easily. Also, adding a little white vinegar to the boiling water helps the peel more easily too. Enjoy!! (Here’s my “on the fly” snack today in less than 5 minutes: two poached eggs over leftover quinoa, some sunflower seeds, chia seeds and hot sauce/salt & pepper & everything-but-the-bagel seasoning.)

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