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chef chrissy kamienski

chef, physician, mother, blogger, taste-maker

chef christine kamienski is a professional chef who's dedicated her life to healthy living.  ​

chrissy believes that achieving and maintaining your goal weight is not only attainable, but can be accomplished while eating beautifully. she founded chrissy's kitchen in 2018 after beginning a nutritional cleansing program that focused on clean eating. she stubbornly refused to believe that taste, creativity, and style needed to be sacrificed for health!  

her cooking features clean and creative twists on savory, stylish, and rustic plates. since then, her blogs and easy, healthy gourmet recipes have quickly gained a loyal following.

in her prior life, chrissy more actively used her Georgetown MD and Seton Hall JD credentials as a medical-legal expert and emergency room physician.      

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